Monday, January 01, 2007

Vianden Castle, and a regular house today.

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

Home, Luxembourg.

We saw many castles as we drove around, then chose Vianden for lunch - the town is post-card quaint, and the castle is beautifully restored. We sat at leisure just below the castle, and watched all the bikers who also happened along. For a site on the castles in Luxembourg, see

Castles anywhere:  originated for defense. Choose any castle anywhere for a time of refreshment and watching the world. Luxembourg is a favorite spot for bikers - big machines on those winding roads, so be careful going around corners. Big boots stomping in the pubs for lunch. Pubs are best for inexpensive, fresh food, smaller portions than restaurants, and faster.

Regular modern houses: Orderly, and all very tidy. Is this a country where people are on time? T
hey seem very organized.

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