Monday, December 18, 2006

Links, posts, archives

1. References to third party websites. Written out. Is this really needed? There must be a way to protect significant copyright interests in the internet setting, other than making it risky to include direct links to third-party sites. Risky it appears to be, however, see - as an example only - and its copyright and linking on the internet discussions.

Smart people needed. Please help us get out of the horse and buggy access lane on the internet. Why not make it automatic for each site holder to decide upon uploading whether or not to allow immediate links? Everybody is blocked from seeing everybody else unless the site has clicked on the ok. Or, allow the free linking, but surcharge any copy materials such as disks (not a new idea, believe it was from 2002 somewhere?) - compensating copyrighted people when their material is accessed and from the fund? Is that so difficult when we land people on the moon?

Then what happens if a holder changes mind? I don't know. That is why we need smart people.

2. Posts. These are shown in the chronological trip order, not the order of posting. From arrival generally, to departure. So do read the archives. Those posts are not necessarily the older ones. They may complete the trip.
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